Custom Tow/Kite Board

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Foils have really added a new dimension to kiteboarding, surfing and even tow surfing. With its introduction there are so many diverse ways to ride a board on foils. It demands versatility in board shapes to take advantage of this exciting movement. Have Dereck shape and make a board to use with your foil for any application. Dereck will listen to your ideas, get a true understanding of the application. Using the best and most high tech construction techniques and materials he will create a one of a kind board for you. With custom boards there is no compromising. Everything aspect of the board making process, from the design to the materials and construction technique used will be the best available.

“As a shaper and board maker, I am stoked when a rider comes to me with a new idea or concept for a board. I like departing from the conventional designs and try to tap into the unique features foiling offers to us as a riders. There has never been a more exciting time to be a board designer in my opinion. There are so many different applications and the creativity of the riders is off the charts. My job is to not let the board limit your progression as a board rider.”…. Dereck.


2 reviews for Custom Tow/Kite Board

  1. Mikie Hassell.

    I have a custom low volume carbon kitefoil board that I received in December 2020. I was riding a high volume board before and when I spoke to Derek about making me a new board he suggested the low volume one., I wasn’t sure but took Derek’s experience and went with it. On my first 20 minutes on it I loved it. It took a little time to adjust but then I fell in love with it. It’s pretty small but so light and it’s very strong built. To be able to have a board that is both light and strong it’s hard to find. I now have several custom boards from Tona and love all.

  2. Mauricio

    Decided to pull the trigger and go with a custom Tona foil board. All I can say is that it was well worth the wait. Board seems to be better quality than my other foil boards and it just feels cooler since it was custom made for me. Would highly recommend products from the Tona Team. Thanks guys – M

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