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Stratus Bar - Thumb
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The Connect Kite Bar

Focused on rider experience. The clean and simple design is perfect for any rider who wants a lightweight comfortable bar, easy to adjust trim and a quick and easy Safety system.

Lightweight – clean and simple design
Soft cushion grip and ergonomic bar ends which float the bar
Below the bar safety with single line security flagging
Quick and easy QR operation
Bar comes with 22m lines.

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Slippas 1
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Light, Comfy & Adjustable

No matter the occasion, the appropriate choice of footwear in the Caribbean is slippers, or flip flops as some people call them. Simple, reliable, and most of all comfortable. This is what we had in mind when we chose our foot strap system. The clean design incorporates a light weight easily adjustable two-point strap system and a wide range of positions for the angle of your stance.

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Slippas Spare Parts
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2 Pack of Slippas Replacement Hardware
– 2 Screws
– 2 Washers
– 2 Slippa Locks

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