Wing Ting V2

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Wingsurfing is here to stay! Winging is catching on fast and our Wing Tings are popping up all over the globe!
As this new and exciting sport grows, we have taken feedback from all our riders and our wing designer has made some amazing tweaks to our design to increase it’s performance and lift your session to another level.
Our new Wing Ting V2 has been designed to be very user friendly and provide ultimate power for its size.  Its balanced design is intuitive, strong and delivers smooth power in all conditions.

The Wing Ting V2 can take you from beginner level on a big SUP board right up to foiling, jumping and riding waves.   It’s an easy way to expand your water time and have fun while you’re at it!

  • Free Shipping within the USA
  • Light weight
  • Low-end power provides the necessary pull for getting up on all size boards and deep water starts.
  • Easy one-handed wrist control while luffing or surfing
  • Soft handles for total control and comfort
  • Porthole window for viewing surroundings
  • Boston valves for easy/quick inflation and deflation
  • It crosses over for use with a paddle boards, skis/snowboards, skateboards or landboards
What’s new for the V2?
  • Overall refined shape with less billow, less flutter and tightly pre-tensioned for stability and predictability.
  • New Barbuda Blue color.
  • Refined trailing edge shape with shorter main strut for better handling and more power.
  • Tweaked sizing to optimize the gaps between sizes to help you find that perfect fit for your session.
  • Improved panel layout to maintain shape and reduce stretching under load.
  • NEW! in our larger 6.0m and 7.2 m sizes we totally changed the shape and panel layout for better light wind performance which also translates to more power for the heavier riders in these sizes.
  • Redesigned Reflex wing tip design to reduce drag and improve lift.
  • Profile drive positioned forward so it’s lighter on the arms.
  • Window relocated for better visibility.
  • Optimized Long -Short- Long handles for comfort and ideal positioning and trimming.
  • Separate inflate valve for the center strut. Helps when deflating your wing when it’s time to pack up. Also allows for different pressures for the leading edge and strut to suit rider preference.

5 reviews for Wing Ting V2

  1. Paul Thai

    I received my Wing Ting 4M after having used a major brand as my main 5M Wing earlier this year to learn the discipline. I want to give a smaller company a try as the product has a good reputation. Upon opening the bag and observing the overall package here is my impression: The construction is top notch. The dacron on the canopy is solid and beefy although you would think it would add so much weight to the overall wing, but it wasn’t the case. The wing is really light once pumped up. The shape of the wing is very sleek and the added windows is a good feature to this product. The handles have a very solid feel which is a very welcomed feature when it comes to pumping the wing in low wind. Some wings on the market have very mushy handles which can be a drag when you need to get input into the structure. The amount of handles seem to be just right and also the V handles is a good option to have in certain situation. The next available day of wind I went out and got to use it first hand. Overall impression is: this wing is a solid performer! It does not disappoint. The wing has lots of grunt in the low end range of wind The “sharp elbow” at the end of the leading edge helps the wing not to catch the water when you happen to bring your arm down. The wing felt balanced and in auto kill mode when the grab the front handle, The wing stayed pretty smooth and calm. In some wing this sate oscillates a lot which can be annoying. The firm handles were a big plus when you can rotate your wrist and change the angle of attack when you would put the wing over your head. One thing i’ve noticed also is that canopy is well taught, not flappy. Overall I am quite please with the product. It outperformed my expectation and the cost of these wings are well below some of the current wing players. It’s definitely worth for you to check them out. Looks like they come in only one color. Orange. Hopefully the company will have another option in the future? It’s a good visible color though. Anyway thumbs up to the designer and its crew for this product.

  2. Mark Harris

    I have been riding the Tona Wing Ting 5M for about a month now on foil and SUP board.

    The power is good, the handles are comfortable, the wing is stable, flys and trims well and goes upwind easily.

    It is easy to set up and It folds up and is stored in the backpack it comes in for easy transportation.

    I have been winging in Barbados varying conditions (12 – 15 knots up to 25 knots). I am fairly new to foiling and winging and have been having great fun on the Wing Ting 5M within that range.

  3. Kevin Talma

    I use a 6m wing in Barbados in winds ranging from 12 o 20 knots. It handles well with grunt in the low end and allows me to get through in the higher wind ranges and now that I am riding waves it is turning out to be stable when I drop it down with one hand. I am not sure whether you really need the window 😀👍🏽

  4. Kevin Talma

    Fun in the sun😃👍

  5. Mark Harris

    With the Wingting v2 Tona has made some great improvements. The 4.2m is light well balanced, has great power throughout. The shorter strut and more compact form means the wing tips don’t touch as easily. The bigger handles allow for movement of the hands when riding. Very stable when holding it with one hand. Separate inflation of leading edge and strut is a nice feature.

    Overall a good wing.

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