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Select the type of board from the drop down menu below (Kitesurf, Surfboard < 6′, Surfboard > 6′). This transaction price is just the deposit. ‘Starting’ prices indicate the minimum total price of the board only. Accessories like deck pads, straps, fins, board bags are extra. Once the Deposit is made, Dereck will personally contact you within 48 hours to start the process, discuss details and invoice you for the agreed upon balance.

Since the beginning of surfing many individuals and major companies have tried without success to mass produce surfboards to replace custom boards. Custom surfboards continue to dominate the market with pros, amateurs and even the weekend warriors. Why is this? We think it is because surfing in itself is such an individualistic and subjective sport that one particular board design and shape could never capture what different riders are seeking from their interaction with the ocean. Surfing is not a quantifiable sport, you can’t measure if a particular board is the fastest, the best turning etc. Surfing is 3 parts. The conditions, the rider and the board. So a board’s worth is largely dependent on the rider. A session is judged by its fun factor and everyone has their own definition and expectations of what they want out of session. So many variables are involved. To conquer the conditions, the rider and board need to be matched together and this is the reason that custom boards still dominate. A custom is made with the rider in mind. To choose a custom board means that you are ready to take your riding to the next level and maximize your fun factor out of the conditions and time you are presented with.

Once you have decided to go custom and make the deposit, you will work one on one with Dereck to work out the details of your new board. Dereck has years of experience working with riders, both professions and amateur, around the world to learn what they want and he aims to deliver.

“Developing a relationship with the rider is for me the best part of the custom board making process. I am not just mindlessly producing shapes, it’s about learning what different riders want and how to deliver. This is the challenge I like most about it. Over the years improved materials and construction techniques have helped me to get closer to develop that perfect board for you.” -Dereck


11 reviews for Custom Surfboard

  1. Andre Phillip

    My last board I got from Dereck was magic! He was very good at listening to what I wanted out of the shape and translated those thoughts to the custom board. The board was fast, lively, light and it just felt like I could put it anywhere on the wave with little effort!

  2. Gary

    I have purchased my third custom board from Tona and I’m so pleased with it. Dereck has managed to build exactly what I needed to surf for my ability and the breaks I’m usually at. Super stoked with the personal attention and I could not be happier with my boards.

  3. Kai Ross

    My latest custom board from Derek couldn’t be any better! Feels great under the feet. Derek was very good at listening to what shape I wanted and was also helpful in suggesting some things that would work well for me and my surfing style. Super happy with my Tona Custom!

  4. Kyle Harris

    Dereck has been shaping boards for me since 2007, he knows my style of riding and throughout the years shaped me magical boards. It’s been a great relationship
    The boards are light and reactive, from the initial bottom turn to the first hit of the lip ‘wahpax’ it translates to a fun time in the water.

    I am currently riding a custom pulse quad and an asymmetric twin fin.

    Bottom line ’ De boards wuk’

  5. Kevin Talma

    I have used Tona custom strapped and strapless kite boards for as long as I can remember and they all have responded to my needs and improved my riding from the “phat chick” range to the “angry local” and now the asymmetric twin fins they have been working. Can’t wait to see what’s next😀

  6. Mark Harris

    I have been riding Tona custom SUP boards shaped by Dereck since 2009. Dereck has been able to use his knowledge of the conditions I surf in and discuss with me what I am looking for to produce boards that have allowed me to improve my surfing and have loads of fun along the way. The boards are light and durable.

  7. Mikie Hassell.

    I met Derek in 2014 and as a result of that trip I started kitesurfing and graduated from a twin tip through directional surf boards to foil boards. From my first board to my latest (six boards in all so far) I would have to say that he made each board for me from my size to the conditions I ride and all of them have been fantastic even sending me a board with the discretion of the Color as (bright as shite yellow) easy to find when I get bombed in the waves. Derek has always asked me a ton of questions to help himself design the perfect board for me. Derek even got me to try a low volume foil board which I absolutely love now. Thank you Derek and the team at Tona.

  8. Peter Bynoe

    I have been riding Tona boards for several years. Dereck knows that I ride backside and shapes the boards to suit my style. The boards get better and better. I currently ride a twin fin with straps – I took out the small middle fin to make the board looser. This is the best kiteboard that I have ever ridden, and since it is bright orange it doesn’t get lost in the waves after a wipe out.

  9. James Lark

    I have been riding Tona custom boards now for several years. It is only when I break one and am forced to use a mass produced backup board that I fully appreciate the ride and performance you enjoy using Derek’s boards. Ya get spoiled quick!

  10. Chelsea Tuach

    Dereck shaped me my very first twin fin as well as some exceptional high performance surfboards that have landed me on podiums in the past. He is a great listener and knows exactly what questions to ask to create a great custom for his surfers. Each of my boards was better than the last and I think that’s a testament of Derek’s passion and talent for shaping.

  11. Jimmy Marshall

    I’ve had 2 Tona boards from Dereck so far and I’m completely satisfied with their performance. I told him my wave riding style and he made them exactly to my specifications. No complaints whatsoever. I highly recommend them. 👍

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