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Welcome To The Team Marilys

Tona is proud to welcome Marilys Lacroix Samson to our family. Marilys made herself known to the wakestyle scene when she won the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Open Women’s division, however she had been kiting for a long time before that. Since 2009 to be exact, when she first got the taste of snowkiting on a frozen bay. In 2015 she placed 5th in the Venyu Triple-S Invitational, showing a particular affinity for the kickers and sliders.

Marilys is a bit of a Jack (Jane?) of all trades, you can see her crushing waves, hucking big air old school tricks, throwing down new school with her kite low or riding and building features all over North America. Her passion for kiting can easily be seen in every single interaction.

We look forward to working with Marilys and hope our boards continue to fuel that vibrant smile of hers.