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The Pop 2.0 (Board and fins only)

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The Pop was Tona’s debut board which we developed with our fellow riders in mind, and is Jake’s favorite from our lineup. At the time of its conception there was a big demand for something that had great pop off the water, went upwind well and also had good traction when riding  finless. After several rounds of testing prototypes with different channel designs we came up with something that was very unique and innovative, and people have been stoked with it ever since. True to the original design, the new Pop from our Revival Series has the same great shape and tough construction, with some rad new skins to catch eyes on the water. A proven design that will take you to the next level.


Upwind Ability
Pop 133 Dissected

The Flow has a sintered UHMW slider base on the bottom. This sintered base is widely known as the toughest slider material in the snowboard and wakeboard industry due to its compression formed polymer structure. It also holds up great for sliding up onto sandy beaches. Rub some wax on the base for a little extra slip and steeze.

All our boards have durable ABS compoite side walls that are built to take a beating. The Pop and Flow feature ABS rails that are thick enough for you to customize to suit your ride. Go ahead and take a sanding block to the rails, you can round them off near the center for smoothe transitions or sharpen them towards the tips for extra grip.

Our boards feature high-grade poplar wood cores. This premium wood core provides strength and stiffness in the center of the board where its essential, while allowing the desired flex towards the tips. The combination of this wood core with our preferred fiberglass layup equals a premium flex pattern and preserves the integrity of each board’s design.

The Pop has one of the most unique bottom shapes of any board on the market. Its aggressive double concave in the middle helps disperse water making flat landings much softer. The concave flattens out towards the tips allowing for minimum drag and maximum release off the water. The double concave is also complimented by two sets of very deep channels which give you plenty of grip when riding finless.

The Pop comes with our 0.8″ Ramp fins. Hit kickers or ride up onto the beach without worrying about snagging a fin or breaking one off in the process. The long, shallow profile allows you to tread over obstacles wihout any hangups and the wide screw insert system gives addes strength under pressure.

Board Height 133cm
Board Width 40.5cm
Tip Width 25cm
Stance Width 43.4 – 54.8cm
Board Height 138cm
Board Width 41.5cm
Tip Width 26cm
Stance Width 43.4 – 54.8cm
Board Height 142cm
Board Width 42.75cm
Tip Width 27cm
Stance Width 43.4 – 54.8cm
Specs Diagram


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