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The Flow 1.0 (Board and fins only)

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Inspired by his love of surfing, Dre wanted something thats really fluid in turns, while still maintaining the pop and edge control you need for performing powerful maneuvers. The subtle concave design allows for smooth rail to rail transitions while maintaining lots of grip while edging on the rail. This unique design also allows for a very smoothe ride in choppy conditions and super soft landings from big jumps.

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The Flow comes with our 0.8″ Slider fins. Hit sliders and rails without having to remove your fins. These shallow but long fins provide the same grip as deeper, conventional fins without the fear of snagging on an obstacle or breaking off when you ride up onto the beach.

Board Height 136cm
Board Width 42cm
Tip Width 26.5cm
Stance Width 43.4 – 54.8cm
Board Height 140cm
Board Width 43.3cm
Tip Width 27.2cm
Stance Width 43.4 – 54.8cm
Board Height 144cm
Board Width 44.5cm
Tip Width 28cm
Stance Width 43.4 – 54.8cm
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