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Specifically Designed For Freeride, Freestyle, Boosting, Wave riding And Foiling.

The Stratus is for riders who are looking for one type of kite to cover a wide range of kiteboarding disciplines. It doesn’t matter if you’re out boosting, doing tricks, foiling or wave riding the Stratus excels at whatever you throw at it. It’s a true all-around design.

The 3 strut profile shape allows for a very predictable and smooth pull in a wide range of conditions and it is very easy at relaunching. It’s open arc design and higher aspect give it maximum lift and efficiency for boosting and going upwind. Wingtips are square and robust for fast and direct steering.

The Stratus excels in a wide range of wind conditions. Being very smooth thru the gusts and having generous de-power.

Available Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 


Connect Kite Bar sold separately.




Adjustable bridle attachments points

Don’t get locked into using your kite for only one discipline. Adjustable bridle attachment points allow you to tune the kite for Freestyle, Surf, Foil or Freeriding. Fine tune your kite to suit your particular preferences and style.

Pulley-less Bridals
Square Rigid Tips

Square rigid tips

Squaring off the kite tip and having larger diameter leading edge makes the structure more rigid which allows the CONNECT bar and line to to have a positive transfer to your kite resulting in increased feedback and faster turning. The larger leading edge tips also makes the STRATUS extremely easy to relaunch. The tips float higher and the response from your bar inputs are more effective.

Quick and easy inflate valve

No more fiddling looking for the right attachment on your pump to inflate your kite or losing session time because you lost your pump attachments. The end of eny pump hose fits directly onto the valve for an easy high volume air transfer. One less thing to worry about.

Quick and easy inflate valve
Multi Attachment Points

Multi attachments points for custom tuning, customizable bar pressure and turning speed

The multi attachment point option allows you to adjust your bar pressure, effect your turning speed and customize your CONNECT bar feel to exactly what you want. Every rider has a personal preference when it comes to bar pressure and turning speed. Find yours.

Double Ripstop Canopy

The Double Ripstop Canopy material is a special reinforcing manufacturing technique that makes your canopy resistant to tearing and ripping while offering a favourable strength-to-weight ratio. In the event of a rip or tear, double Ripstop will reduce the possibility of the rip spreading allowing you to make it back to the beach and limit damage repair.

Double Rip-stop Canopy
3 Strut Lightweight Design

3 Strut light weight design

Having our rigid leading edge design and square tips allowed us to only need 3 struts to maintain the desired canopy shape thus reducing weight while maintaining the perfect aerodynamic shape. Less is more.

Contoured trailing edge for improved aerodynamics

Contoured trailing edges enabled us to reduce induced drag and reduce weight. Less Drag to Lift ratio makes for a more efficient lifting aerofoil. Reduced drag helps the upwind ability of the kite.

Contoured Trailing Edge
Open Arc Shape

Open Arc shape and higher aspect

Having a Open Arc shape increase the lift surface area giving the kite the maximum lift and efficiency. The surface area aspect ratio is being fully utilized but the Open Arc offering maximum lift and stabilizing the kite.

Line Deflector

The line deflector is designed to prevent your kite lines from getting caught up in the wing tips during launching and water starts.

Line Deflector
Stratus Bag

Unique Bowling ball / backpack easy to use kite bag

Like no other Kite bag on the market, Tona created a unique Bowling ball style kite bag that comes standard with your STRATUS kite. No more struggling to get your kite to fit in the pag, our bag allows you to unzip the large mouth to fully expose the the inside of the bag and kite attachments/compression straps. Inside your Tona Stratus bag you will also find another surprise that has not been offered in the industry before!

7 reviews for Stratus

  1. Leo Chen

    Perfect kite to pair with the Flow for me. Super smooth kite, great bar feel, solid customize-able bridle options. This thing relaunches easily, has a great wind range yet is super stable when unhooked.

  2. Lucas

    Great Kites.
    I had the chance to get the 10m and 12m and try it on a kite trip. The best thing about the stratus is it’s definitely a versatile kite.
    I mostly do oldschool tricks, sometimes wakestyle tricks and sometimes strapless surf session out of the lagoon and it works great for all.
    The bar pressure is quiet light so it’s really nice to ride.
    My girl friend is also riding it and loves it.
    The 10m is quite fast and you can easily make some good kiteloops with the kite coming back to noon quickly.
    I am 174cm – 65kg and already kite the 10m in 30 kts without feeling scared. So I think if you use to ride a 9 meters, go and take the stratus 10m

  3. Andre Phillip

    The Stratus is my go to kite for any conditions and riding styles. It is smooth in the gusts, very predictable and responsive feeling at the bar. Easy relaunch and mine has been taking a beating on wipeouts. I’ve taught kids on this kite and even my wife who is a weekend kiter loves it. If you’re looking for a good all around kite that has a wide wind range especially when the wind picks up then you’ll be happy with the Stratus.

  4. Stevie

    I recently got my new 10mtr Stratus and got to session it today in 18-20 knots for the first time!! Just want to say hats off to you guys!! I seriously loved it!!

    It was soooo smooth, and very light feeling. Moved quick but not too quick, and I noticed it generally flew really fast and efficient which I love!! I felt like I was always riding at a nice fast speed but never pumping the kite which made my tricks big and loaded up!! That was the other thing, the hang time off of a loaded up pop jump was awesome!! Smooth and always powered. I have kinda felt a little burnt out from kiting recently but with my Tona board, ronix bindings and new stratus kite my gear really felt dialed in and I had an absolute blast!! Super stoked! The 10 mtr stratus is my favorite kite!! I feel like I’ll be able to hold that in some serious wind too! And I love the colors!! Stoked!! Thanks again everyone!

  5. Jacob

    The Stratus is an amazing kite! A true do it all machine works great for boosting unhooked tricks and even foiling. Really like being able to forget about the kite and focus on having a fun session. I have taught beginners on this kite as well and they have a blast! Pumped to have the Stratus be the only kite in my quiver for future sessions!

  6. Dewy Daguer

    The Stratus is a true all around kite. It is very stable in the sky and smooth thru the gusts. Also it is very friendly and quick thru loops while offering a constant pull. The Stratus offers constant pull even after landing unhooked and will NOT back stall when staying unhooked. I did my own personal test on the beach. I unhooked and walked around with the kite in my hand easily for 5 min and the kite NEVER stalled having the bar at full pressure. Overall the Stratus is a do it all kite for free ride, freestyle, boosting some old school and having great sessions no matter what.

  7. demi supervision

    i tried the kite and really liked it.
    it’ s the perfect all around kite, you can buy it as your first kite and become an expert with it;
    you can easily do big jumps or wakestyle in the same session. it has a ton of configurations to customize it to your style
    the bar is also great and super simple.
    just by opening the kite for the first time you will realize much Tona takes care of the details:
    the bag is really stylish and as the kite it has different configurations: you can carrie it as a back pack or as an hand bag;
    with his vertical zip makes the packing of the kite fast, quick and clean. it’s a glamorous bag that i would use every day.
    the products are simple, stylish and efficient, take that from an italian like me that kites since 10 years!
    well done Tona!

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