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The Joy Ride

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A board for everyone. Fun & easy to ride.

In the Caribbean it is common, and even encouraged, to leave your house and go wandering for no reason other than to get outside, interact with people and enjoy nature. To go for a “joy ride” is typical of a weekend activity, where you drive around until you find a beach or favorable place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, or make an impromptu visit to a friend’s home.

We kept this in mind when designing the Joy Ride. A board for everyone, it’s easy to ride and fun for cruising around, exploring, boosting to the moon or just enjoying being out on the water. There’s nothing better for the soul.

The Joy Ride comes complete with our comfy foot strap bindings, the Slippas, fiberglass fins and a grab handle.


Joy Ride - Dissected

The Joy Ride comes with our 1.5″ Booster fins. Designed for cutting deep while on your edge, they’ll keep you tracking upwind and help you hold your edge for boosting jumps.

Booster Fin
Board Height 132cm
Board Width 39cm
Tip Width 24.5cm
Stance Width 38 – 50cm
Board Height 136cm
Board Width 40.5cm
Tip Width 25.25cm
Stance Width 40 – 52cm
Board Height 139cm
Board Width 43cm
Tip Width 26cm
Stance Width 42.6 – 54.6cm
Board Height 145cm
Board Width 44.5cm
Tip Width 27cm
Stance Width 43 – 55cm
Specs Diagram

2 reviews for The Joy Ride

  1. Dylan

    The Joyride is a board I have been waiting for from Tona for a few years and Im very excited to see it in the line up.
    A board for everyone with some much needed Tona accessories!
    The Tona pop I would say is a great board for intermediate to Pro, but I really missed the beginner-beginner board. I have put beginners on the pop and most have loved it, but there was a select few that loved the Tona Brand, but was just a hand full of sessions away from enjoying the board to the fullest. Now with the Joyride, they can go from beginner to Pro, with all the comforts a new rider wants.
    The Joy Ride comes fitted with a handle, not a big deal for me, but from feed back it proved to add an extra comfort for the entry level riders and take them over the edge to join the Tona team!
    The board rides smooth, amazing up wind, easy planing, fun turns and lots of grip. The slippers are comfy, easy to adjust to tiny feet or large feet. making it a good combo for sure.
    Im very glad Tona as brought the Joy Ride, and its a great addition to the line up that we will take full advantage of for our school and rental, along with anyone that wants to take it home for their own!
    Ride it to Enjoy it!

  2. Jay (verified owner)

    The Joyride is an awesome board! This is my go-to board for teaching beginners, it’s easy to ride and has all the right features to help beginners spend more time riding and less time figuring out how to get the board on their feet! Comes with a handle and some comfy straps that are easy to adjust. This is a perfect addition to the Tona line up of boards!

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