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For kiting, there is nothing better and more conventional than riding a twin tip. It is the foundation of kiteboarding, it is how we learn and also how we push the limits. There are many awesome production twin tip boards on the market and for 99% of riders these production boards are perfect. Production boards have come a long way over the years. Designs and construction techniques have evolved to produce a truly great ride. Have a look at our Joyride, Pop or Flow that offers a production board with a custom feel at affordable prices. However, for the truly bespoke twin tip experience, the custom board process can take advantage of a couple things that typically can’t be found in a production board. Ultra lightweight and customized flex patterns are available. Using aerospace composite construction techniques with Carbon fiber with high quality high density foam core (not wood like most production boards) Dereck is able to make a board that is under 4 lbs (under 1.7 kg) with customized the flex pattern to best suit the rider’s weight and foot stance (another feature that can’t be offered by production boards) Dereck calls this board the Razor.
‘If you are looking for the lightest Twin tip and that special feel of a customized flex pattern so you can load up, explode and go BIG, the razor is for you. It fits like a glove and feels like nothing on your feet. Sometimes it is just nice to know you have the best that can be offered.’…. Dereck.

1 review for Custom Twin Tip

  1. josh

    wow!! It weighs nothing!!! Like there is nothing on your feet, just a direct connection with the water. It is super fast and shoots upwind line crazy. Well worth the money! Thanks Dereck.

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