Connect Kite Bar

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2 reviews for Connect Kite Bar

  1. Andre Phillip

    Clean, simple lightweight bar. Nice soft grip and ergonomic bar ends make for a nice feel in your hands whether I’m cruising around or throwing unhooked tricks! Easy to adjust depower and easy to reset quick release. I also like that there is a swivel below the bar which I can use to untangle my front lines if I do a lot of loops.

  2. Lucas pelus

    The bar is what I’m looking for. Simple, easy, strong and comfortable.
    There is no useless or weak technology added. The chicken loop is strong and large for unhooking but not to big for beginer riders.
    the grip is really comfortable. the trim is easy to use, the swivel works and that all we asked for.
    I did not know many bars better than this one. Keep it simple and performaing like this.

    BTW : Riding for more than 10 years now/

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