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Sale Tona Flow 140 - Thumb
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Inspired by his love of surfing, Dre wanted something thats really fluid in turns, while still maintaining the pop and edge control you need for performing powerful maneuvers. The subtle concave design allows for smooth rail to rail transitions while maintaining lots of grip while edging on the rail. This unique design also allows for a very smoothe ride in choppy conditions and super soft landings from big jumps.

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Sale Tona Pop 138 - Thumb
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The Pop is our debut kiteboard. We put this baby through some rigorous testing and after a full year + of R&D we came up with something special. A board that explodes off the water whether it’s on natural kickers or flat water, without sacrificing any upwind ability. The Pop is stiffer than the average kiteboard, this helps hold its static rocker line while riding and also helps generate the maximum amount of energy when loading up to pop off the water. The double concave in the center and deep channels along the rails give it lots of stability while riding finless.

Free Shipping to the contiguous United States.

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