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Our Story

TONA first came into existence from a meeting Adam Anton, Andre Phillip and myself (Dereck Camacho) had in Antigua in 2007. We got together over lunch and were discussing the industry as a whole, and how the three of us had been involved in the sport for some time. Adam with the growth of the notorious Kite Scoop Forum, Dre being one of the biggest icons in the sport, and myself, who had been making custom boards for several years. Each of us was already involved in kite boarding in one way or another, but we all saw that there was room for improvement in much of the gear that was available to the public and wanted to get seriously involved in that aspect.

Starting our own kite boarding company was something we had all dreamed about, and during that meeting it became clear to us that we needed to make it happen.

The Key Elements…

There are certain elements that can help you build a great kite board company and we knew that with our efforts combined we would have some of these at our fingertips. Having a platform by which you can communicate with riders and hear what they want, and in turn use that information to help develop your product, is extremely valuable. Also having the technical means to develop and test the product thoroughly before getting it into the hands of the customer is another essential element. Adam with his access to the kite community and background in graphic art, Dre with is expertise in riding, testing equipment and also his knowledge of the industry, and myself having the technical skills in board design as well as my business experience, together it seemed like the perfect combination.

And so it began, the quest to turn something we had all dreamed of into a reality.

They say you can’t move forward without knowing where you come from. Another common bond the three of us share is that we are all rooted in, and come from the Caribbean. Adam and myself were born in Trinidad and moved to Antigua, while Dre was born and raised there. Through our love for water sports and the small community on the island we were already connected from a young age. Getting together to create Tona felt as natural as we could ever hope for. True to island style, we have a relaxed but direct approach to the kite industry, and we hope that this attitude is reflected in our image and our products. We want to see kite boarding head in a direction that is healthy for its growth and we hope that the sport will benefit from what we have to offer.

Let’s build a brand that people feel connected to, and products that stoke them out.


Our mission at Tona is to develop products that people feel they are a part of, and simply love to ride. We all know what it was like to have that one special board, the one you jumped on and fell in love with from the first session, and at Tona that is how we want people to feel about our boards. With our focus on customer feedback, design, and rigorous testing we believe that our products will get you stoked and help take your riding to the next level. Welcome aboard!