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Our Team

Oliver Panny

Oli was born in Austria and grew up between caravans somewhere on the beach or in the mountains. Thats why he was introduced into snowboarding, windsurfing and wakeboarding at a very young age.

When he started kiteboarding, there were only about 10 people on his local spot, Lake Neusiedl trying to go as fast downwind as possible. Everybody was staring at the out of control, crazy people, with the 2-line kites.

After a while Oli managed to go upwind and that was the point where it all started. He improved quickly and the wakestyle tricks started coming.

When Oli first came to Antigua in 2009, he was just impressed by the beauty of the island. That was also the moment when he first met Dre, Adam and Jake.

Since then he was captured by the idea of Tona not only as a brand but also as a lifestyle in his Western European daily life!

Coming from snowboarding and wakeboarding you can see that his board skills transfer over, helping build a solid style on the water. On the water, Oli always looks like he's having fun, styling it out and riding as long as he can.

Oli's credo: As long as you have a board under your feet, life is good!

Oli Rides