What’s up guys Jake Kelsick here. Today I dive into how I have been dealing with quarantine and the world on lockdown… I touch on 3 things that have been a major help for staying positive and productive while stuck at home in quarantine.

It took me a little longer than most to feel the effects of COVID-19 living on a small island in the Caribbean. But they are in full effect now. The island is on lockdown jobs have been lost and beaches are closed. The feeling of being trapped has arrived and all the things I’d normally do are now a crime with heavy fines attached.
It’s a very uncertain time but I want to touch on how the world getting sick and having less to do has motivated me to create healthy habits around setting goals staying focused and getting stuff done.
Seeing as the distraction of trying to get outdoors and explore is gone. I have been hyper-focused on 3 things since the 24hr lockdown which have been great tools for staying fired up.

  1. Physical Fitness– I have been getting more and more into fitness over the past 8 months but with gyms closed it could have been easy to lose motivation. A friend of mine challenged me to do 200 push-ups a day for 100 days. Before this, I don’t think I have ever done 200 push-ups in a day much less every day. But I committed and it’s been an amazing tool for staying focused and holding myself accountable. Today is day 33 of 100 – 200 Push-Ups every day. I’d highly recommend setting a simple fitness goal it will do wonders for helping you stay positive.
  2. Mental Health – This has been a big one for me for several years now. If you can master your mind everything else will follow. This can easily get forgotten in normal day to day life, there is always something to get done or someone to get back to but with the world pause, it has put me at ease and allowed me to be okay with creatively wasting time. Taking breaks has been a great way to recharge and reset my brain.
  3. Becoming more self-sufficient – Covid-19 has made us very aware of how important food security is. The act of going to the supermarket has changed, its now a high-risk environment and a stressful place to be. Which prompted us to become better cooks and start a backyard garden. We have a lot to learn but the idea of being as self-sufficient as possible has always appealed to me and now that we have been forced to commit I’m excited to see it through.

The main take away from all of this is that even though we have very little control over what’s happening globally we do have control over our mindset and our time. Yes, lockdown sucks but I don’t think there will ever be a better time to work on becoming a better you.

Hope everyone is safe and doing well. Follow me on instagram @JakeKelsick for more good vibes!

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