5 Kite Maintenance Tips

What’s up guys, Andre Phillip here and I thought during these crazy times of lockdown, it would be a good chance to give you some tips on Kite Maintenance.   These are some things you should do often to help extend the life of your kite.

  1. Reduce trailing edge flutter and UV damage:    Ever seen a flag that has been flapping in the Sun for a long period of time?  Yup,  it’s faded and shredded!  Sun and wind exposure will do the same to your kite over time.   So if you’re not planning to go back after a session, you’ll keep your kite feeling younger by packing it away and keeping it out of the elements.  If you are going back out for a second sesh you can reduce the wear and tear on your kite canopy by throwing some extra sand on the trailing edge to stop it from flapping in the wind while it sits on the beach.  
  2. Make sure your kite is dry before you pack it away:  This is especially important if you are kiteboarding in fresh water or if your kite gets wet from rain.  A wet kite is prone to mould and mildew.  I find my kite dries fastest when it’s inflated but you can also lay it out to dry while it’s deflated.   
  3. Dust the sand off of your kite:  Sand is quite abrasive which can add to wear and tear, so it’s best to brush/dust off the sand before you pack your kite into a bag.  You can keep a broom or dust brush in your car to quickly get the job done.
  4. Check canopy for holes:  A very small tear can open up into a shredded kite from one hard crash.  So it’s good practice to regularly check your canopy for holes or tears and get them repaired immediately.  An efficient way of checking for holes is to pump up your kite and hold the canopy above your head, this way the sun shines through the holes and reveals them.
  5. Check your bridals and pulleys:   Bridals can wear out, especially if they have pulleys, so keep an eye on them to make sure they are free from major wear.  You can also clean pulleys with fresh water to extend their life.   Make sure to change out any bridals/pulleys that look worn out!   Safety first 🙂

There you have it!  My top 5 tips for maintaining your kite.  If you practice these things often, you will increase the life of your kite and keep it in safe condition for when you are ready to shred again!!

Connect with me on Instagram @andrephillip  if you have any questions about maintenance or any other questions.

See you on the water!
– Dre

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