Wow, the past 5 months have been quite a ride. Who could have dreamt this up? 

We would like to express our concerns and send out blessings and well wishes to everyone going through hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also directly affected financially and emotionally by this unthinkable circumstance. This virus is the great equalizer. We are all in this together and we will all come out the other side together. 
Tona is blessed to be involved in an industry where we make products that enrich lives by helping us all enjoy nature and the environment. Although there are larger priorities being forced upon our lives at the moment, it is still important to stay grounded. During these times, stress can creep in and affect us, so it is particularly important that you take a break from it all, stop watching the news, put down your phones and spend time feeding your soul as best as you can in a safe responsible manner. Right now, the best thing we can do is stay inside and socially isolate, but even with these requirements we can still try to find moments of joy whether it’s meditation in our yards under the open sky or a quick jog to stay active and healthy. 
At Tona, like many other businesses across other industries, we need to take the necessary steps to ensure the company is sustainable on the flip side of this situation. We need to preserve the company and realize this is not a time to push for sales. Our approach is to go into cruise mode and ride out the storm. Our promise is that Tona will be there on the other side with you. 

During these times of distancing we will still be busy refining Tona products, no time will be wasted. We are excited to show you everything we have in the pipeline, when the time comes. Internally, we will be ok because Tona is made up of family and very close friends who all have the desire to make sure our company stays afloat. We will survive so we can continue to inspire people to live exciting inspired lives and create the gear to help you do so. 

We will still be able to ship the inventory we have, while looking after the wellbeing of our staff and customers. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything.  Our customer support is also available to answer any questions you have and we will continue to support any gear issues you have.   We wish everyone a safe and peaceful journey through COVID-19. Please practice safe social distancing so we as a globe and community can flatten the curve. Be patient and just think how sweet it will be when we can get back together again more knowledgeable, experienced and inspired to enjoy our blessed life.   


  • We can still take orders on Pops and Flows, however please expect delays since the warehouse where we store Pops and Flows/Slippas is currently on lockdown.
  • We can still ship out Joyrides with very little delay since our FL fulfillment center is still operating accordingly to state guidelines.
  • Our apparel is still available for purchase however there will be delays in shipping depending on where you are located.
  • All in all we are still up and running with what we have : )
  • Please be safe, practice social distancing and wash those hands!


We at Tona have decided to do a limited edition apparel run of hats and tees that not only try and help spread the message of social distancing but also the proceeds will go to those that have been effected or in need of some financial help. Check out the apparel below. You can purchase the COVID-19 collection in the apparel section of our store.

All proceeds are going to COVID-19 SOLIDARITY RESPONSE FUND

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