How to Set Up A Kiteboard

Jake Kelsick here and today I'm gonna be talking about how to set up your twin tip and touch on two common mistakes most people make when they're setting up their brand-new board for the first time.

COVID-19 Update

Wow, the past 5 months have been quite a ride. Who could have dreamt this up?  We would like to express our concerns and send out blessings and well wishes to everyone going through hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are…

Kite Girls Play A Game Of KITE!

Two of our favorite kite girls Megan & Pippa play a friendly but very competitive game of KITE. Where they try and beat each other by performing different kitesurfing tricks in Antigua!

How Many Tricks Can I Do In A Session? #2

How many kiteboarding tricks can you do in a session? Jake Kelsick is back again with another fun game of how many tricks! 40 minutes to try and do every kitesurfing trick he knows how to do, this time in boots!

How Many Tricks Can You Do In A Session?

Today's kiteboarding video is a fun one! Jake Kelsick plays a game of how many kiteboarding tricks can you do in a session! There is only one rule, you have 40 minutes to try and do every kitesurfing trick you know how to do!

Top 8 Beginner Kiteboarding Questions!

Hey guys! Welcome to the Tona Blog. Here we will be showcasing videos and ideas that we think may be of interest to you guys and it's all going to be here in one place. Today we have a video made by our team rider Jake Kelsick about the top 8 beginner kiteboarding questions.

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