Gear Maintenance with Dre

5 Kite Maintenance Tips What’s up guys, Andre Phillip here and I thought during these crazy times of lockdown, it would be a good chance to give you some tips on Kite Maintenance.   These are some things you should do often…

COVID-19 Update

Wow, the past 5 months have been quite a ride. Who could have dreamt this up?  We would like to express our concerns and send out blessings and well wishes to everyone going through hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are…

Treat Oceans Nice Again Story

December 25th, 2016 was my First day working for St. Andrews beach club as a cabana boy/lifeguard. I had only taken the job because one of my close friends had basically offered me a position to “sit on the beach and get paid”.

How to Set Up A Kiteboard

Jake Kelsick here and today I'm gonna be talking about how to set up your twin tip and touch on two common mistakes most people make when they're setting up their brand-new board for the first time.

Pregnancy Recovery and Kiteboarding

My wife says, “Kiteboarding is the best workout that she’s done to recover from giving birth." She’s tried all kinds of workouts and for some reason she keeps saying that kiteboarding is hitting all the zones that get weak while carrying a…

Kitesurfing Gear I’m Riding in 2020!

In this quick video, I'm discussing which kiteboarding gear I'm currently riding! I've finally found the perfect set up and would highly recommend all of it to beginners and to even more advanced riders.

7 Questions With Dre

We ask Andre Phillip 7 Questions and find out what the future of Tona looks like in 10 years.

Reacting to Jake Kelsick’s Custom Kiteboards

Tona's founder and Shaper Dereck Camacho gives us a reaction video with some more in depth info about the boards Jake Kelsick used to ride. Dereck has been shaping custom boards for Jake since he was a kid and still does to…

The Kiteboards That Got Me Here!

In today's kitesurfing video I showcase every kiteboard I rode since I started kiteboarding in 2003 / 2004. Each one has its own story and played a key role in my stoke for kiting!

FIRST Session Post Lockdown in the Caribbean!

Hey Guys, it's Megan So the day has come! After a month of not being able to get sandy or kite due to lockdown restrictions, we are now officially allowed to go to the beach in Antigua. Float around with us as…

How Sickness Created Health

What's up guys Jake Kelsick here. Today I dive into how I have been dealing with quarantine and the world on lockdown... I touch on 3 things that have been a major help for staying positive and productive while stuck at home in quarantine.

Custom Foil Board

Hey everyone, Dereck Camacho here. I have been the shaper behind all of Tona's boards since the beginning and this week we shaped a custom foil board for fun.

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