Kitesurfing Gear I’m Riding in 2020!

In this quick video, I'm discussing which kiteboarding gear I'm currently riding! I've finally found the perfect set up and would highly recommend all of it to beginners and to even more advanced riders.

The Kiteboards That Got Me Here!

In today's kitesurfing video I showcase every kiteboard I rode since I started kiteboarding in 2003 / 2004. Each one has its own story and played a key role in my stoke for kiting!

FIRST Session Post Lockdown in the Caribbean!

Hey Guys, it's Megan So the day has come! After a month of not being able to get sandy or kite due to lockdown restrictions, we are now officially allowed to go to the beach in Antigua. Float around with us as…

How Sickness Created Health

What's up guys Jake Kelsick here. Today I dive into how I have been dealing with quarantine and the world on lockdown... I touch on 3 things that have been a major help for staying positive and productive while stuck at home in quarantine.

Kite Girls Play A Game Of KITE!

Two of our favorite kite girls Megan & Pippa play a friendly but very competitive game of KITE. Where they try and beat each other by performing different kitesurfing tricks in Antigua!

How Many Tricks Can I Do In A Session? #2

How many kiteboarding tricks can you do in a session? Jake Kelsick is back again with another fun game of how many tricks! 40 minutes to try and do every kitesurfing trick he knows how to do, this time in boots!

How Many Tricks Can You Do In A Session?

Today's kiteboarding video is a fun one! Jake Kelsick plays a game of how many kiteboarding tricks can you do in a session! There is only one rule, you have 40 minutes to try and do every kitesurfing trick you know how to do!

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